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ADU Design Studio

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) and Junior Accessory Dwelling Units (JADUs) are an innovative way to add square footage, value to your property, and assist with the California housing crisis. An ADU is often called a Guest House, Granny Flat, Cottage, In-Law Unit, or Casita. The dwelling unit can either be attached or detached from your residence.

An ADU/JADU is a smaller fully independent living quarters located on the same property as your main residence.

There is a size limit and height restriction for the house along with other requirements, such as a kitchen, for it to be defined as an ADU. Similarly, there are specific rules and requirements for JADUs. Each City and County has their own regulations and
restrictions which can typically be found on-line at the website of the Planning and Building Department.


ADUs and JADUs can add value to your property as a rental and source of income, allow extended families their own guest cottage and privacy while visiting, flexibility for you to age-in place in a smaller home while renting out the main residence or as a home for aging parents.


An ADU is a detached dwelling unit on the property.

JADU is an attached dwelling unit to the main residence

Our ADU Design Studio is dedicated to the custom design of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) for residential properties. Each lot is unique and so there may not be an ideal ready-made plan to fit your property. We do offer several readily available house plans that could be customized to fit your lot. We can also design a custom plan from scratch to fit your own wish list or convert an existing portion of the home or garage.

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